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Service Times :
Sunday Program
10:00 am

Mar 29, 2015
Sunday Program
“Heaven, Hell And All That:  The Afterlife in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” The speaker, David L. Barr, describes his presentation as follows: Death, as Hamlet noted, is the unexplored country from which no traveler returns.  But the lack of facts has not stopped us from imagining a life after death – with various religions proposing various alternatives, including ancestor veneration, reincarnation, and heaven and hell.  Sharing a common history, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share similar conceptions of heaven and hell, yet with important differences.

Dr. Barr is Emeritus Professor of Religion and the former chair of the Departments of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics. He was named the Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research in 2004.  He recently completed a semester as scholar in residence at John Carroll University, where he did research and lectured on Jewish, Christian and Muslim conceptions of the End-Times. 10:00 a.m. Everyone welcome!

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