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Sunday Program
10:00 am

Jul 05, 2015
Sunday Program
“7 Ways to Awaken Your Intuition to the Deeper Mysteries.”   Awakening intuition is a healthy way to take charge of our lives and use our inner powers to guide them to greater happiness and fulfillment.  The seven ways that will be offered to awaken our intuition are designed to help us get past the brain patterns we’ve created with normal, every-day thinking. These methods mix up the thinking process in order to help us reach deeper into ourselves and our inner mystery to become more aware of our intuitive powers so that we may be of greater service to our lives and to all life.  The speaker, Diana Rankin, is an award-winning author and storyteller, gifted psychic reader and life-transformational coach, frequent radio guest, and former college instructor. 10:00 a.m. Everyone welcome!

Our covenant above is the basis of our community. All are welcome to join us as we each discover and create our life's journeys.

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