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Sunday Program
10:30 am

30, 2015
Sunday Program
"Forgiveness and Stepping Out of Right and Wrong.” Join Susan Newton as she discusses awakening within the duality of "right and wrong."  Learn how forgiveness is only one step in the process of bridging the gap between past and future in the present moment.  How present are you and where are you on your bridge?  Mindfulness and coherence are the basis of her relationship advice.  When this foundation is in place, every relationship in one’s life expands and evolves.

Newton is an internationally known speaker, author and mentor specializing as a facilitator for emotional healing, relationship health and effective communication skills. In her book, Living in the Light: A Divine Perspective and Guide to Living a Peaceful Life, she shares messages of empowerment that invite people to open their hearts and live in the presence of the moment. 10:00 a.m. Everyone welcome!

Spirituality Discussion Group
The “Building Your Own Theology” still meets before...

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