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Sunday Program
10:30 am

Jun 19, 2016
Sunday Program
"Annual General Meeting and Election and Observance of Fathers’ Day." The Executive Board will present the proposed budget for next fiscal year, starting July 1.  Election will be held for new members of the Board and Leadership Development committee. 10:30 a.m. Everyone welcome!

26, 2016
Sunday Program
“In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding.”  Speakers Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout will discuss what do we enter into congregational life hoping to get?  So many things, perhaps -- but underneath the consumer’s idea of acquisition is the pull to a deeper encounter with the experience, hope, heartbreak and yearning of others in community.  Can we be a place of deep encounter where borders are crossed and faithsconnect, where real stories and real struggle intersect and understanding arises anew? 10:30 a.m. Everyone welcome!

Spirituality Discussion Group
The “Building Your Own Theology” group meets at...

Our covenant above is the basis of our community. All are welcome to join us as we each discover and create our life's journeys.

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